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Basic Growth Guide

Ship Details

Updated date : 2023-08-16 14:12(UTC +9)

  1. Base Stats
  2. Ship Understanding
  3. Ship Parts
  4. Modify Cabin
  5. Ship Appearance
  6. Modify Ship
  7. Blueprint Exchange

Base Stats

Each ship specializes in Adventure, Trade, or Combat. This specialization decides the ship's Base Stats.


Simply put, ships specializing in Adventure are faster than other ships of the same grade, and ships specializing in Trade have higher Load Capacities. Ships specializing in Combat can have more crew aboard, while also having great Artillery and Ram abilities.

You will sometimes need ships with stats such as Ice Breaking, Seaworthiness, and Momentum in order to pass through certain waters. This is why you must form your Fleet with ships that fit your purpose.

You will gain your very first ship through the ship building tutorial during the early phase of the game, and by 1. Building a higher-grade ship, 2. Capturing enemy ships, 3. Going to the Currency Shop and buying Ship Vouchers, you can gain various ships and form your own Fleet.

You can view the details of currently owned ships in [Menu] - [Ship].

Every ship has minimum operation conditions in order to perform at their best.


Note that the operation conditions are closely related with the Captain's stats. If the Captain's LV for a category is lower than the minimum operation conditions of a ship, the corresponding Base Stat of the ship will decrease by 5%, and it might decrease up to 15%.

In particular, a Captain's Combat LV greatly affects a ship's Combat LV. Having a Captain with a high Combat LV increases the ship's Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion stats.

■ Base Stats

LifeThe Life of a ship slowly decreases while sailing.
A ship that has depleted its Life suffers a 50% decrease to all its stats.
Crew SizeThe number of Crew decreases when a ship goes through Naval Combat or Disasters.
If the Flagship's Crew number reaches 0 during sailing or combat, the Fleet becomes Unable to Sail.
If a non-Flagship's Crew number reaches 0, that ship can no longer participate in combat.
DurabilityA ship's durability decreases through Naval Combat or Disasters.
If the Flagship's Durability reaches 0 during sailing or combat, the Fleet becomes Unable to Sail.
If a non-Flagship's Durability reaches 0, that ship can no longer participate in combat.
LoadThe total amount of space that can be loaded with Cargo.
Cargo includes Food, Water, Materials, Ammo, and Trade Goods.
Ice BreakingThe ability of a ship to break through ice.
Some waters require high Ice Breaking stats.
Equip an anchor on each ship to increase the Fleet's average Ice Breaking stat to pass through such waters.
MomentumThe ability of a ship to move through obstacles such as seaweed.
Some waters require high Momentum stats.
Equip an anchor on each ship to increase the Fleet's average Momentum stat to pass through such waters.

Rowing is a stat that only exists for ships with oars, like a Galley.

It refers to the ability of a ship to move forward by rowing. 

The speed of ships with high Rowing stats increases with more crew. 

If a high Rowing stat is required, form a Fleet of ships that have high Rowing stats, or equip Parts on each ship to increase the Fleet's average Rowing stat.

SeaworthinessThe ability of a ship to endure Rogue Waves.
A Fleet with a high average Seaworthiness stat can reduce the decrease in speed due to reverse currents.
Form a Fleet with large ships, or equip an anchor on each ship to increase the Seaworthiness stat to pass through such waters.
Vertical SailEquipping a sail with a high Vertical Sail stat increases the ship's speed during Cross Tailwinds or Cross Headwinds while sailing, and improves the ship's speed during combat.
Horizontal SailEquipping a sail with a high Horizontal Sail stat increases the ship's speed during Tailwinds or Cross Tailwinds while sailing, and improves the ship's speed during combat.



Affects the amount of damage dealt to the enemy when using Artillery attacks.
Melee StrengthAffects the amount of damage dealt to the enemy when using Melee attacks.
Ram StrengthAffects the amount of damage dealt to the enemy when using Ram attacks.



Reduces the amount of damage received by the enemy's Artillery attacks.
Melee DefenseReduces the amount of damage received by the enemy's Melee attacks.
Ram DefenseReduces the amount of damage received by the enemy's Ram attacks.



The amount of Durability recovered when using Repair.



The number of Crew recovered when using Medicine.

Ship Understanding

If a player sails more than once with a ship the player has built, Ship Understanding increases. However, use of the Dispatch Fleet feature does not increase Ship Understanding.

Ship Understanding does not increase when Sailing EXP gained is at 1,000 or lower and is a useful feature when sailing long distances.

You can check the Ship Understanding in the Blueprint of a ship. If the Ship Understanding LV increases, you can unlock Cabins and Storages without increasing the Blueprint LV.

Even if you assign the same ships in the Fleet multiple times, Ship Understanding will increase as if only one ship was assigned.

Ship Parts

You can view your ship's equipped parts at [Menu] - [Ship] - [Parts].

You can upgrade your ship's Base Stats by equipping Parts. Think of it as your ship's gears.


There are 6 basic parts: Cannon, Sail, Figurehead, Armor, Ram, and Anchor. In addition, there is one appearance part and one special part, making it 8 parts in total. Each of these parts affect your ships differently.

■ Part Types and Equipment Effects

Part NameEquipment Effect
Ship AppearanceYou can equip a Ship Appearance to add special effects to your ship.
SpecialSeaworthiness, Momentum, Ice Breaking, Rowing, Vertical Sail, Horizontal Sail, Load Capacity, Minimum Crew Number,
and Maximum Crew Stats can all be affected depending on equipped parts.
CannonDetermines the type of the Artillery attack and increases Artillery Attack Damage.
SailDetermines the shape of the Horizontal Sails and Vertical Sails.
FigureheadAffects the Additional Repair Recovery.
ArmorAffects Defense against various attack types and the Seaworthiness stat.
RamAffects Ram attack, Momentum, and Ice Breaking stats.
AnchorAffects the Seaworthiness and Momentum stats.

You can purchase some Basic Parts from Shipyard - [Parts Shop]. If the city's Development LV is high enough, you will be able to purchase higher-grade parts. You can gain rarer parts through Explorations, or Land Explorations.

As Parts are directly linked with the ship's stats, Rare Parts are sold at an expensive price in the [Auction House].

Modify Cabin

You can view your Cabins through [Menu] - [Ship] - [Cabins].

You can assign a Captain or a Mate to a Cabin, and that ship will gain their Expertise.

Generally, Mates are assigned according to Cabin and Mate compatibility. If a Mate is assigned to an incompatible Cabin, the Mate's Expertise decreases by a maximum of 50%.


You can check the total sum of the Expertise of all Mates assigned to Cabins. The greater the total, the higher the Expertise LV and its effects.

More Cabins may be unlocked depending on the current unlocked Blueprint LV.

You can upgrade or modify your Cabins into completely different ones through [Shipyard] - [Blueprint] - [Modify Cabin].


All cabins in Improved Ships, which can be built from Monopolizing Guilds, are immediately available regardless of Blueprint and Understanding LV.

■ Fleet Expertise



NatureAdventureImproves the Discovery ability during Explorations.
AestheticsAdventureIncreases the reward for reporting Discoveries.
ScoutingAdventureSupports sailing out at sea by affecting chances of encountering disasters among others.
SupplyAdventureManages various resources spent while sailing.
PurchasingTradeGrants advantages when purchasing Trade Goods.
SalesTradeGrants advantages when selling Trade Goods.
NegotiationTradeGrants advantages when negotiating prices.
TradeTradeGrants advantages during Barter Exchange.

Ship Appearance

In Uncharted Waters Origin, you can customize your ships and create your own unique ship appearance.

[Company Overview] - [Appearance] offers ship customization features, including Dye Sail, Paint Hull, and Disguise.


With the Dye Sail feature, you can change the Sail Patterns, Colors, and Emblems of all your ships. To unlock Patterns, Colors, and Emblems other than the base customization options, Designs, Fabrics, and Ducats are required.

With the Paint Hull feature, you can change a hull’s color by parts and adjust overall contrast. 

Ship Disguise is a feature that allows you to disguise your Flagship with another ship’s appearance. The ship’s existing stats do not change even if you disguise it.

With Basic Disguise, you can disguise with ships that have reached Blueprint LV 10 or higher by using currency. When disguising as special ships, their appearances will be applied and will exclude Sail Patterns, Colors, and Emblems.

With Special Disguise, you can change your ship’s appearance to one that has a unique appearance and disguise effects.

Disguised Flagships can be viewed while sailing. During combat, the standard ship appearance will be shown.

※ The Dye Parts feature will be supported in the future.

Modify Ship

You can enhance the base stats of a ship through [Modify] in Shipyards. You can modify your ships by spending the ship's Blueprints or Common Blueprints, and Blue Gems.

3 randomly selected base stats are upgraded when you modify a ship. Note that each ship requires different amounts of Blue Gems, and you can Modify a ship up to 5 times.

Blueprint Exchange

You can perform a Blueprint Exchange at the Fortune Teller, located in certain cities. 

High Grade Blueprint can be obtained randomly based on a set ratio during blueprint exchange.