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Beginner Guide

How to Obtain Equipments

Updated date : 2024-06-19 12:50(UTC +9)

  1. Gear for Mates
  2. Mate Appearance
  3. Tool
  4. Ship Parts
  5. Enhance

Gear for Mates

Your Admiral and Mates can equip Gears, such as Weapons and Armor, to upgrade their base stats and gain additional stats.

You can check your Mate's Gears and the Total Gear Stats via [Menu] - [Mates] - Select an Admiral or Mate - [Gear]. You can view the Gears your Company owns and see who is equipping them through [Menu] - [Storage] - [Gear Storage].



There are a total of six slots: Head, Weapon, Accessory, Face Decoration, Torso, and Cape. Gears for each slot affects various Expertise, as well as combat stats such as Artillery, Melee, and Duel stats. Equipping Gear that represents certain cultural regions increases Disguise and increases the chance of avoiding inspections when visiting hostile cities.

Equipment Effect
Affects Disguise, combat stats, and Expertise.
Affects Disguise, combat stats, and Expertise.
Affects Disguise, combat stats, and Expertise.
Face Decoration
Affects Disguise.
Affects Disguise, combat stats, and Expertise.
Affects Disguise.

You can purchase basic Gears from the Item Shop of each city. Depending on the city's Development LV, more items will be added to the shop.

In certain cities, You can visit the [Black Market] which opens only at night at the Item Shop, where you can obtain rarer Gears. The Black Market deals only in limited quantities of products, but its inventory refreshes as time progresses. You can spend currency to immediately refresh the inventory.


You can also obtain Gears through Treasure Chests, Combat Loot, Request Rewards, and Event Rewards.

Some Gears are available only to specific genders.

Mate Appearance

When Admirals or mates are equipped with Mate Appearances, additional stats related EXP and disguise for Adventure, Trade, and Combat can be obtained. Additional stats obtained by equipping Mate Appearance items are added to the overall gear stats.

The currently equipped appearances and their stats can be viewed through [Menu] – [Mate] – Select Admiral or Mate – [Gear]. Additionally, to view all equipped appearances on the entire company, simply go to [Menu] – [Storage] – [Mate Appearance].

Mate Appearances come in 5 components, Head, Weapon, Face Decoration, Torso, and Cape. Additional advantages in growth, such EXP for Adventure, Trade, and Combat can be obtained depending on which component is equipped. Capes for example, provide additional EXP for all expertise. While Face Decorations will increase the disguise stat, increasing the chances of avoiding inspection when in hostile cities.

Equipped ComponentEquip Effect
HeadProvides additional Adventure EXP to wearer.
WeaponProvides additional Combat EXP to wearer.
Face DecorationAffects Disguise.
TorsoProvides additional Trade EXP to wearer.
CapeProvides additional EXP to all Expertise to wearer.


Tools encompass everything used for upgrades, like Usables, Materials, Blueprints, Contracts, and Manuals, with the addition of Currency used for Promotions.

Tools also include items players use to remove Status Effects while sailing or during Combat, Repair ships, and deal with Disasters. Usables required to Fish or Explore, and Gifts that can be given to Employees or Mates are also considered Tools.


Materials for promoting Mates or Manuals for acquiring Skills are also considered Tools, and this might cause some inventory issues. If you are short on inventory space, you can either Sell or Discard unnecessary Tools. You can also unlock additional inventory slots using Blue Gems.

Ship Parts

Parts are like equipments for ships. You can equip your ships with Parts to increase their performance.

Ship Appearance, Special, Cannon, Sail, Figurehead, Armor, Ram, and Anchor are the 8 slots that you can equip parts to. Each slot affects your ship in a different way. Ship stats such as Seaworthiness, Ice Breaking, and Momentum are crucial when sailing to far places, and that is why high-grade Parts are considered precious.


You can purchase basic Parts from [Shipyard] - [Parts Shop], and the Parts Shop will sell more types of Parts if the city's Development LV is high enough.

You can also gain rare Parts through Exploring. You can gain Parts through Request and Event rewards as well.

Part NameEquipment Effect
Ship AppearanceYou can equip a Ship Appearance to add special effects to your ship.
SpecialSeaworthiness, Momentum, Ice Breaking, Rowing, Vertical Sail, Horizontal Sail, Load Capacity, Minimum Crew Number,
and Maximum Crew Stats can all be affected depending on equipped parts.
CannonDetermines the type of the Artillery attack and increases Artillery Attack Damage.
SailDetermines the shape of the Horizontal Sails and Vertical Sails.
FigureheadAffects the Additional Repair Recovery.
ArmorAffects Defense against various attack types and the Seaworthiness stat.
RamAffects Ram attack, Momentum, and Ice Breaking stats.
AnchorAffects the Seaworthiness and Momentum stats.


You can enhance S Grade and Event Grade parts and gear.
Enhancement is available at the Capital, where you can enhance parts at the Shipyard and enhance gear at the Item Shop.

Enhancement may be unsuccessful, in which case the item will be destroyed.
Using an Enhance Protectant will prevent the item from being destroyed even if enhancement is unsuccessful.