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Basic Growth Guide

Mate Details

Updated date : 2023-05-08 14:30(UTC +9)

  1. Skill and Effect
  2. Expertise

Skill and Effect

In Uncharted Waters Origin, your Admiral and Mates have Skills and Effects.

Skills are mostly active skills you must activate in order to gain its effects, and Effects are mostly passive abilities that give you bonus effects for certain combat actions.

All Mates can be promoted up to 4 times to gain new Skills & Effects. Assigning multiple Mates with the same skill to a single ship increases the strength of that skill.

There are three types of skills: Naval Combat Skills for Naval Combat, Duel Skills for fighting in one-on-one duels, and the Admiral's Order.


Naval Combat Skills can cause much more serious damage or apply special effects when performing combat actions such as Artillery and Ram, and can also bolster the effects of Repair and Medicine. There are also debuff skills that can immobilize or weaken the enemy.

Duel Skills are used during duels that take place in cities or against the enemy captain during naval combat. Duel Skills mostly consist of Attack or Defense-oriented skills. Equipping gears can also enhance existing Duel Skills or obtain different Duel Skills.

Admiral's Orders are unique skills that are owned only by Admirals. Adventure and Trade orders can be used in cities or at sea when the time is right, while Combat orders can be used during combat.


Effects are abilities that your Mates will learn as they gain LV, along with spending relevant Currency, such as Training Tools, Ducats, Red Gems, etc.

When your Mates learn new Effects, you must assign the Effects as Activated Effects to benefit from them. You can activate up to 4 Effects depending on the Mate's Promotion status. Natural Effects are effects that are inherent to a Mate and cannot be changed at will. 


Expertise refers to the abilities that your Admiral and Mates can use during Adventure, Trade, and Combat.

Base Expertise is given to your Mates based on their Jobs, and that Expertise can increase in strength as your Mate grows. There are two types of Expertise: Ship Expertise and Fleet Expertise.

Ship Expertise takes effect during sailing or naval combat. All Mates' Expertise LV accounts for a Ship's Ship Expertise. You can view the Ship Expertise of your ship in [Menu] - [Ship] - [Cabins].

ArtilleryA high Artillery LV increases Artillery Attack, Accuracy, and Critical Chance, allowing you to deal greater damage to the enemy with Artillery, while taking less damage from the enemy's Artillery through increased Artillery Defense and Evasion.
RammingA high Ramming LV increases Ram Attack and Critical Chance, allowing you to deal greater damage to the enemy with Rams, while taking less damage from the enemy's Ram through increased Ram Defense.
SupportA high Support LV increases the amount and chance of maximized effects upon using Repair and Medicine, allowing greater recovery of the ship's Durability and Crew.
MeleeA high Melee LV increases Melee Attack, Accuracy, and Critical Chance, allowing you to deal greater damage to the enemy with Melee, while taking less damage from the enemy's Melee through increased Melee Defense and Evasion.
NatureA high Nature LV increases the chances of finding Discoveries while exploring.
AestheticsA high Aesthetics LV increases the rewards and Fame gained from reporting Discoveries to Collectors.
ScoutingA high Scouting LV increases your sailing speed and allows you to dock in cities from greater distances. Scouting can also help predict Disasters or reduce the chance of Disaster occurrences, and increases the chance of successfully escaping when there is an inspection at a city.
SupplyA high Supply LV decreases the amount of Food and Water that is consumed daily while at sea. There is also a higher chance of disasters such as Rat Outbreaks, Scurvy, Plagues, and Fires resolving themselves.
PurchasingA high Purchasing LV allows you to buy Trade Goods at lower prices. Also, a high Purchasing LV increases the Discount Rate received upon successful negotiations with the Market Owner.
SalesA high Sales LV allows you to sell Trade Goods at higher prices. Also, a high Sales LV increases the Surcharge Rate upon successful negotiations with the Market Owner.
NegotiationA high Negotiation LV increases the chances of price negotiations and the number of re-negotiations made with the Market Owner. Also, it increases the chance of successful Parleys when there is an inspection at a city.
TradeA high Trade LV increases the distance at which you can view Market Prices while at sea.