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Beginner Guide

How to Trade

Updated date : 2023-03-03 15:33(UTC +9)

  1. Trade
  2. Trade Event
  3. Securing Load Capacity


Trade is a crucial part of Uncharted Waters Origin, alongside Adventure and Combat.

On one hand, Trade is simply buying Trade Goods at a low price, traveling to a city that needs the Trade Goods, and selling them at a high price. Through Trade, you can earn many Ducats along with Trade Fame and Trade EXP.


Markets exist in all cities, and to trade there, you need to be able to speak a relevant language. A high Language LV can give you discounts when buying, and a surcharge effect when selling. Trading is also affected by the Expertise of the Fleet.

Just like alcoholic beverages, which are not available in Islamic culture, some items are not dealt in certain cultures for historical accuracy. Some items might be available more or less depending on the season. You can check for Seasonal Effects by looking at the Season label for Trade Goods.


Price Trends

Keeping track of price trends is the key to efficient Trades.

The Market Price is marked with % beside the price of Trade Goods. 

If the Market Price is lower than 100%, it means the product is sold at a cheaper price than nearby cities. However, if the Market Price is higher than 100%, it means it is more expensive than that of nearby cities. Hence, the basics of Trade is to buy Trade Goods with lower than 100% Market Price, and sell Trade Goods higher than 100% Market Price.

Items with less than 90% Market Price are in the Recommended Purchase List, and items with greater than 110% Market Price are in the Recommended Sell List. These items could net you significant profits.


Also, you can identify the market price trend of Trade Goods for the last seven days through a graph. It's good to buy if the price is close to the Min Price, and sell if the price is close to the Max Price.

The list of Trade Goods sold in the Market refreshes over time, and you can spend Blue Gems to immediately refresh the list.



When the Amateur Benefits end, Taxes are applied to all trade activities you perform in the Market.

In particular, when you are dealing with another country, you must pay taxes in accordance with their Tax Rates. Taxes apply to both purchasing and selling. If you both purchase and sell in a foreign country, you will be paying double the amount of taxes, which may result in a significant loss.


You can gain tax benefits by receiving a Tax Permit from the [Palace] of each nation. However, note that issuing a Tax Permit is costly—you must take your main Trade Goods and sailing routes into consideration when getting one.

Tax benefits can also be gained through Diplomacy, the Admiral's Title, the City's traits, and Expertise. The sum of all tax benefits do not go below 0%.

Trade Event

Sometimes your Mate will let you know about information on certain Trade Goods, or you may receive information when anchored in a city. This is called a Trade Event.


Soaring: A Trade Good's price soars.

Plunging: A Trade Good's price plunges.

Trending: Price of a certain type of Trade Goods soars.

Overflowing: Price of a certain type of Trade Goods plunges.

Booming: Price of an unpopular Trade Good soars.

You can take advantage of Trade Events to buy at an even lower price or sell at a higher price than usual. Do not forget to pay good attention to Trending and Soaring goods.

When buying or selling Trade Goods, a Negotiation Event might happen depending on the Jobs and Expertise of the Mates assigned to the Fleet.(Purchasing, Sales, and Negotiation)


A high Negotiation LV increases the chances of price negotiations occurring and increases the number of re-negotiations. High Purchasing and Sales LVs put you in an advantageous position when making deals, and grant you with an increased Discount & Surcharge Rate when you succeed in negotiations. You can make some profits from successful negotiations.


There are Specialties, which are available only in certain regions. Specialties are great Trade Goods, since they are unavailable in other regions and thus do not have significant drops in price.

They are great Trade Goods when you are preparing to embark on a new sailing route, or sailing great distances.


You gain Trade Fame and Contribution when dealing with Specialties.


When you are sailing, you can search for certain cities or certain Trade Goods in the World Map and check available Trade Goods in advance. Also, you can bookmark your favorite cities and Trade Goods to easily check them at any time.


Here, you can also check the Specialties that were mentioned earlier.

This will greatly aid you in deciding which trade to pursue.

Securing Load Capacity

Trade Goods are stored in the [Cargo Hold]. Securing Load Capacity means you can conduct more Trades in one voyage.

If you use ships specialized in Trade, you can secure more storage space than other ships.

You can either expand your storage or upgrade it to a high-grade storage via Shipyard - [Blueprint] - [Modify Cabin] to secure more space.

Also, you can adjust the Load Ratio of supplies, such as water, food, materials, etc. to load more Trade Goods.