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Updated date : 2023-06-21 14:16(UTC +9)

  1. What is the Dispatch System?
  2. Dispatch Mission Condition
  3. Dispatch Mission Reward

What is the Dispatch System?

The Dispatch system is where Admirals can dispatch additional fleets, other than Fleet 1, on missions related to Adventure, Trade, and Combat.

The base fleet that can be dispatched is Fleet 2, while additional Fleet 3 and 4 can be purchased using Currency, which then can be dispatched.

Before selecting a mission to dispatch a fleet, mission LVs for each area and the number of missions that can be completed can be viewed straight from the world map.

The number within the circular icon indicates the number of missions that can be completed, while the LV range displayed on the top indicates the required Company LV range for that area.

Dispatch Mission Condition

Fleets can be dispatched to complete Adventure, Trade, and Combat missions of various LVs. And each mission’s dispatch conditions must be met to do so.

The dispatch duration, obtainable rewards, fleet info, and success rate can all be viewed upon pressing a mission from the dispatch mission list.

Dispatch Mission Reward

Various rewards such as EXP, Ducat, Ship Part, Blueprint, Ship Material, Special Resources, Mate Promotion and Training Materials, Mate Gear, Mate Contracts, and various Crafting Materials can be obtained upon completing dispatch missions, depending on the type of mission.

The obtained rewards, LV changes for Mates that have increased in LV can be seen on the dispatch result screen.

You can also press [Redispatch] to dispatch your fleet on the same mission again.

A detailed report regarding the missions is displayed on the [Sailing Journal] while a list of all obtainable rewards can be viewed in specific categories from the [Reward].