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Updated date : 2023-03-29 16:40(UTC +9)

  1. Missions - Requests
  2. Missions - Tasks
  3. Achievements

Missions - Requests

Put simply, Missions are types of quests, objectives, and guidelines. Missions can be divided into three categories—Requests, Tasks, and Achievements.

Requests are optional Missions you can get from NPCs during gameplay.

Tasks are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks given based on your Company Focus.

Achievements track your actions while you play the game, and you are given rewards when you reach certain milestones.


Requests are missions that are given to players by NPCs in the course of the game, or obtained by the players when necessary.

The details of a Request can differ depending on the Company LV and the location of the Union. From time to time, you may encounter certain Requests with specific requirements, such as a minimum Knowledge level or minimum ship requirements.

Depending on the location and source of the Requests, they can again be divided into Royal Orders, Inn Requests, Union Requests, and Sudden Requests.


Unlike other Requests, which can only be accepted a certain number of times or have conditional limits, you can accept Union Requests as many times as you like.

By default, you may only accept one Union Request at a time. However, you may spend Blue Gems to unlock 2 additional slots for one week, allowing you to have 3 active Union Requests at a time. As you can work on 3 Requests at once, you’ll be able to progress through the game much faster.

Royal OrderPalaceA Royal Order from the Palace.
Can be completed once a day. You can obtain a new Title upon completing a Title Gain Royal Order.
TavernA Request from a tavern employee.
Becomes available when an employee’s Friendship Meter is full.
The Friendship rank with the Employee increases upon completion.
UnionA Request from a Union.
The chance of a Union Request appearing is determined by your Company Focus. Union Requests can be completed as many times as you like.
However, a Rare Union Request can only be completed once, but grants more rewards.
RandomSudden Requests can be found at various places.
You can receive some unique requests while exploring the world.

Missions - Tasks

Tasks are Missions that grant rewards for completing certain goals over a period of time.

Possible rewards include Blue Gems, Ducats, Ship Materials, Promotion Materials, and helpful Usables. Tasks are a great way to earn Ducats early in the game.

There are three kinds of Tasks—Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.


A Task’s progress is reset when the Task period is over even if you haven’t completed it, so it is recommended that you complete the Tasks before then if possible. The rewards are based on the Company LV and Build LV.

The types of Daily Tasks—Adventure, Trade, and Combat—and the Fame/EXP reward for completing them, will be different depending on your Company Focus.

For example, you will receive different Shipbuilding Materials as a Daily Task reward based on the type of Task: Masts for Exploration, Wood for Trading, and Gun Ports for Combat.

TaskResetsMain Reward
Daily TasksDaily at 00:00Blue Gems, Ducats, C Grade Common Contracts, Mate EXP Potion, Shipbuilding Acceleration, Shipbuilding Materials (Masts, Wood, Gun Ports)
Weekly TasksEvery Monday
at 00:00
Blue Gems, Ducats, B Grade Common Contracts, Ship Blueprints
Monthly TasksThe 1st of each
month at 00:00
Blue Gems, large quantities of Ducats, A Grade Common Contracts


Unlike Requests and Tasks that can be completed repeatedly, Achievements are certain goals given when you first start the game.

Some goals can be completed automatically as you play the game and enjoy various content, such as Adventures, Trade, and Combat. Secret Achievements, on the other hand, are not displayed on the default Achievement list. They can be revealed when you complete certain goals for special rewards.

You will be rewarded Blue Gems and Achievement Points when you complete an Achievement. Every time you accumulate a certain number of Achievement Points, you will be given a large quantity of Ducats and Contributions as extra rewards. You can exchange Contributions for rare Materials and Usables in the [Palace] - [Reward] section.