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Updated date : 2023-09-13 15:05(UTC +9)

  1. Rank
  2. Appellation


In [Menu] – [Rank], the Company Ranks within the server can be checked in various criteria.


Company LV, Total Company Combat Power, and Total Guild Contributions Ranks can be checked in real-time.

- Company LV: The Rank of the Company LVs and gained EXP can be checked.

- Total Company Combat Power: The Rank of the maximum Combat Power the Company recorded can be checked.

- Total Guild Contributions: The total Contribution amount obtained by the Guild can be checked.

Users who are in first place in the Weekly Rankings of Weekly Investment Point, Weekly PvP Wins, Weekly Trade Point, and Weekly Discovery Report can obtain Appellations that last one week.

- Weekly Investment Point: The Rank of Investment Points recorded over a week can be checked.

- Weekly PvP Wins: The number of PvP wins recorded over a week can be checked.

- Weekly Trade Point: The Rank of Trade Points recorded over a week can be checked.

- Weekly Discovery Report: The Rank of Discovery Reports recorded over a week can be checked.


Users who come in first place at the Weekly Rankings obtain Appellations with special Effects.

Appellations related to Weekly Rankings can be applied at [Company Overview] – [Appellation], and the Appellation can be equipped for one week before the Rankings are refreshed.

Only one type of Appellation can be equipped at a time.