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Updated date : 2023-11-08 16:20(UTC +9)

  1. Barter


Barter is a new content which enables exchanging Trade Goods that can be trade materials with new barter exclusive Trade Goods at villages.

When Village Amity is at 60,000, it can be increased further through bartering.

Trade Goods that can be bartered and combinations of Trade Goods that can be materials can be seen in the World Map and villages.

Trade Goods can be obtained once bartering is complete and Village Amity increases or decreases depending on the characteristics of Trade Goods.

Trade Goods with additional requirements, such as Discoveries, Village Amity stage, and village status, exist in certain villages.

Discoveries can be found by exploring villages.

When Village Amity increases, high Village Amity stages, such as Favorable and Trusting, can be achieved. Also, Village Amity stage achievement rewards and Weekly Rewards can be obtained directly at the village.

Village statuses are events related to trading in the village. Trade Goods gain, Amity gain, and additional negotiation success rate change depending on the village status.

The remaining barter count per village is displayed in slots below Trade Status, and 1 to 4 barter counts are given based on the Village Amity stage.

Once the 4th slot is open, 1 barter count is additionally given after achieving over LV 8 in Trade or purchasing Grace.

Also, stats related to bartering are affected by the stock of the current village, the Trade LV of the fleet, and Mate effects.