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Guild System

Updated date : 2024-01-31 17:37(UTC +9)

  1. Guilds
  2. Contribution
  3. Guild Crafting
  4. Guild Combining
  5. Guild Donation
  6. Guild Assault
  7. Monopolizing Guild
  8. Guild Effects


Guilds are types of Clans where like-minded players can gather and build player communities.

A list of guilds can be accessed via [Menu] - [Guild], which opens your Guild’s Info window if you are already in a Guild.

A Guild can gain Guild EXP through the activities of its members, and Guild LV increases once enough EXP has been accumulated. As the Guild LV increases, the member limit and Part/Gear Crafting Grade rises as well.

The max number of members is 30 at Guild LV 1 and 75 at Guild LV 11.

The Guild Leader can also give authority related to grades from Guild Management.

Grade 1 Guild Members are the Guild Leaders, and they have full access to the guild.

Grade 2 Guild Members can manage the joining members as well as kicking them. They can also edit the Guild Notices and start Assaults.


Guild members’ in-game activities are treated as Guild Contribution.

A member’s Contribution is determined by their Attendance, Combat, Trade, Exploration, Crafting, Investment, Requests, and Combining. You can check your rankings for Daily, Weekly, and Total Guild Contribution. All earned Guild Contribution disappears upon leaving or being kicked from the Guild.

Login100 Contribution Points per day for logging in to the game.
CombatUp to 1,000 Contribution Points a day for victories in Naval Combat.
80 points for every victory in a battle against a regular opponent.
500 points for every victory in a battle against a powerful opponent.
80 points for every victory in a Special Battle.
TradeUp to 1,000 points a day for Trading. 1 point for every 20,000 Ducats earned through trading.
ExplorationUp to 1,000 points a day for Exploration. 4 points for every Exploration.
CraftingUp to 500 points a day for Crafting.
100 points for every C Grade Gear or Part received.
250 points for every B Grade Gear or Part received.
500 points for every A Grade Gear or Part received.
InvestmentUp to 1,000 points a day for Investing in city Bureaus.
10 points for every 100,000 Ducats invested.
RequestsUp to 500 points a day for completing Union Requests.
100 points for every Request completed.
CombineUp to 500 points a day for combining ship parts and mate gear.
250 points for every A Grade result from combining B Grade parts and gear.
100 points for every A Grade result from combining A Grade parts and gear.
500 points for every S Grade result from combining A Grade parts and gear.
500 points for every S Grade result from combining S Grade parts and gear.

When your Guild Contribution reaches 1,000, 2,000, 2,800, and 3,600 points, you gain Guild Currency that can be spent in the [Contribution Shop].

You can purchase various Ship Blueprints and Crafting Materials in the Contribution Shop. Each item can only be bought a limited number of times, and the list of available items is refreshed every week.

Guild Crafting

You can access Guild Crafting via the [Guild] - [Craft] menu after joining a Guild.


There are three types of craftable items—Ship Parts, Mate Gear, and various Tools. More items become available at higher Guild Levels.

Crafting requires Request Letters (Parts Request Letter, Gear Request Letter, etc.) and Essential Materials (Processed Iron, Processed Lumber, Ore, etc.). Required materials can be purchased at the Contribution Shop using Guild Currency or obtained as a reward from a Palace or through combat against a powerful opponent.


For certain Crafting Materials such as Ores, you can combine low-Grade Materials to craft higher-Grade ones.


Crafting time varies with the type of the item. You can check the progress of your current Crafting in the Crafting Progress section, and spend extra Currency such as Blue Gems to unlock additional crafting slots.

There is a 10% chance of Great Success, in which case you may sell the crafted item at the Auction House.

Crafting Gear or Parts grants Guild Contribution based on the Grade of the resulting item (you cannot gain Contribution from crafting Tools).


※ Guild content and benefits are still in development and may change in the future.

Guild Combining

Joining a Guild can also grant access to Combining from the [Guild] - [Combine] menu.


Combining is divided into 2 categories, Ship Parts and Mate Gear. They can be combined to A or S grade based on the type of Combining.

Normal Combining allows lower grade items to be combined into higher grade items. Equal Combining results in items of the same grade as the combined materials.

Only Gear and Parts that can be sold at the Item Shop and Shipyard can be used as materials for Guild Combining.


Combining requires a certain amount of time based on the item being combined. The current progress is displayed under the Combine Status window. You can spend currency such as Blue Gems to increase the number of slots for Combining.


Combining has a 10% chance to trigger a Great Success, which allows you to sell the combined item at the Auction House.

You can gain Guild Contribution by combining Gear and Parts. (Contribution is not awarded for crafting Tools)

※ There are more Guild content and benefits scheduled to be added in the future. Content may be subject to changes.

Guild Donation

The Guild and its members can receive perks if Ducats and Blue Gems are donated through [Donate] on the bottom right of the [Guild Info] screen.


The Guild can gain Guild EXP and Guild resources called Guild Gold and Sapphires, while Guild members can gain Guild Currency and Donation Scores.


Guild members can donate once a day, but they can make up to 2 more additional donations using Red Gems. 

The Total Donation Score and Rank can be viewed from [Guild Member Donation].

The accumulated Guild Gold that has been made from every guild members’ donation is displayed as Donation tab on the Guild Info menu.

If an Admiral leaves a guild, they cannot donate to their previous guild on the same week. 

Guild Assault

Guild Leaders can spend the Guild Resources to open up the assault content once each week.

Once guild assaults are open, Admirals can participate in [Guild Assault] from the [Guild] menu

There is a total of 5 different difficulties in Guild Assault and clearing each difficulty will unlock the next difficulty.

Also, if Guild Assault is opened, Guild members can use Red Gems to purchase Guild Assault effects.

Purchased Guild Assault effects can be applied to all Guild members during the ongoing Guild Assault. The effects end when the ongoing Assault ends.

Initially 2 Guild Assault attempts are given to guild members and each guild member can participate up to 6 times by using Red Gems.


Various rewards such as special parts and part materials can be obtained from the Guild Assault and rewards are given depending on the success or failure of the assault and the total damage rank within the guild.

If an Admiral leaves a guild, they cannot participate in any guild assaults in the same week.

Monopolizing Guild

The Guild that invests the most in each city becomes the Monopolizing Guild of that city.

The current investment progress of a monopolized city can be seen from [Guild] - [Investment Progress].

A Monopolizing Guild receives benefits such as Tax Reduction at the city’s Market and Shipyard, increased trade goods quantity, and a decrease in trade point standard.

In some cities’ Markets and Shipyards, you can even purchase exclusive trade goods and items exclusive to the Monopolizing Guild.

Improved Ship

Additionally, the Monopolizing Guild can build exclusive Improved Ships and use all Cabins regardless of Blueprint and Understanding LV.

When building an Improved Ship, one of the same base ship is used as build material.

Improved Ships have a 10% chance of Great Success when building. Only Ships with Great Success can be registered at the Auction House.

By consigning shipbuilding, Admirals who aren’t part of a Monopolizing Guild can build Improved Ships. Blue Gems are used to consign shipbuilding.

Guild Effects

Guild Effects are Adventure, Trade, and Combat Effects that can be applied to all Guild members using Guild Currency.

Guild Effects can be learned from Guild LV 3, and a variety of Guild Effects can be learned as the Guild LV increases.

Resources are the Upgrade Materials of Guild Effects, and Donation Scores earned from donating Materials can be viewed in the Upgrade Donation Rank. 

When the Material Donation conditions are met, the Guild Leader can use Guild Currency to upgrade the Guild Effect to a higher LV.

Adventure, Trade, and Combat Effects' LVs increase according to the number and upgrade times of the Effects that the Guild has learned.

Also, the Guild Leader can set one Adventure, Trade, or Combat Focus as the Guild Effect. The Guild Effect can be changed into another Focus using Guild Currency.