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Updated date : 2023-03-03 17:05(UTC +9)

  1. About Skirmishes
  2. Starting a Skirmish
  3. Rank Rewards

About Skirmishes

Skirmishes become available once you reach Company LV 25. You can access Skirmishes via [Menu] - [Skirmish].

Skirmishes are PvP battles in which you can engage with other players’ fleets in combat. The Skirmish battlefields rotate on a weekly basis.

There are four types of Battlefields in total, including Seaside Battle, which has no extra effect and allows the sheer Combat Power of the Fleets to decide the outcome of the battle.

■ Battlefield Types

Seaside BattleA coastal battlefield. Only the strongest Fleet will stay afloat in this battlefield.
Gulf BattleA battlefield set deep inside a gulf. All Fleets have their Melee Damage increased by 30%.
Ice Floe BattleA battlefield set between drifting ice floes of various sizes. All Fleets have their Ram Damage increased by 30%.
Battle of Four IslesA battlefield set between four small islands. All Fleets have their Artillery Damage increased by 30%.

Starting a Skirmish

After you set your Fleet and Combat Formation, you can choose your next opponent from a list of five randomly chosen players.

You can view the opponent’s Fleet Combat Power, Formation, and current Victory Points.

Once you defeat all five players from the initial list, another list of five players will appear. If there is no appropriate opponent in the randomly selected list, you may refresh the list. The first refresh of the day is free, and subsequent refreshes will cost Blue Gems.

You need Skirmish Tickets to participate in Skirmishes. You receive 6 tickets when you first unlock Skirmishes, and once you use your first ticket, the tickets will gradually be replenished. You can also purchase a ticket for 30 Blue Gems.


In the Defense tab, you can see the players who have engaged with you and the result of the battles, and even immediately retaliate against those players. In the Ranking tab, you can view your current rank.

Rank Rewards

Your Skirmish rank is determined by Victory Points, which can be earned when you win or lose a battle.

You receive initial Completion Rewards every time you reach the next rank, and Weekly Rewards based on your final rank of the week.

The initial rank is Bronze 3, and the highest rank you can achieve is Legend if you manage to place in the top 5.