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  1. About Mates
  2. Cabin Assignment
  3. Hire Mate
  4. Mates' Stats
  5. Loyalty
  6. Gear and Promotion
  7. Exchange Materials
  8. Mate Training

About Mates

Mates are the Admiral's companions who provide aid while Sailing. Mates have Jobs that specialize in Adventure, Trade, and Combat. They are professionals of sailing Skills, Effects, Expertise, and Languages.

You can say that the Fleet's ability is equal to the ability of the Mates assigned to the Fleet. You can hire a variety of Mates, and make them stronger to form a more powerful Fleet.

You can assign one of your Mates as the Captain of a Ship, with the exception of the Flagship.


① All Stats: You can see all of your Mates' Skills, Effects, and Expertise. In the case of Expertise, you can select the Expertise you want to see.

② Search and Filter: You can sort the list by searching for a Mate's name, or by applying filters.

③ Mate List: You can see the list of all your Mates. You can see their Grades, Specializations, and Fleet Formation status.

Cabin Assignment

Mates, including the Captains, can be assigned to Cabins. You can assign Mates at [Menu] - [Ship] - [Cabins], and the type of Mate you can assign to a Cabin changes depending on the type and grade of the ship.

If you assign a Mate to a compatible Cabin, the Mate's Skills, Effect, and Expertise can affect the ship and the entire Fleet. If one ship hosts more than one Mate with the same Skill and Effect, the applied abilities are enhanced.

However, if a Mate is assigned to an incompatible Cabin, the Mate's Expertise decreases by 50%. Unassigned Mates' Skills and Expertise do not affect the gameplay.


① You can see the status of Mates assigned to the current ship. You can select a Cabin to see the Cabin's info, and through it, you can assign or replace a Mate.

② You can see Ship Expertise, which are applied to the current ship, and Fleet Expertise, which are applied to the entire Fleet. You can Auto Assign Mates for all Cabins, excluding Cabins in Locked Status. 


The Auto Assign feature assigns Mates who can utilize the highest Expertise to each Cabin, with the Mates being those who are currently assigned to this ship or on standby. However, for the Captain's Cabin, the Mate with the highest Combat LV is assigned. You can select special assignment conditions, such as Mates who are imperative in a Chronicles' progress, or Mates that you do not want to assign anywhere.

Hire Mate

You can Hire a Mate in a city's Inn.

Their Grades vary from C to S, depending on the abilities they possess. Note that there are differences in Hiring cost and Growth cost, depending on the Grade.

You can either [Hire] a Mate right away by spending Blue Gems, or conduct a [Negotiation] with the Mate.

You can give a gift to raise your Friendship with a Mate.
This requires a Mate who speaks the same language in your Fleet.
SponsorYou can spend Ducats to raise your Friendship with a Mate.
This requires a Mate who speaks the same language in your Fleet.
NegotiationYou can Negotiate the Ducat you will pay to hire a Mate.
The success chance is determined by current Friendship.
The Mate begins with 60 Loyalty if you hire one by Negotiating.


Note that, to use cities of Nations other than where you start, you must learn their Language.

You can begin using a new Language by Hiring a Mate and assigning them to your Fleet. A higher Language LV allows you to conduct a variety of activities and gives you advantages during Trade and Negotiation. You can easily look for Mates who speak the Language your Fleet requires as you Hire a Mate at the Inn.

Mates' Stats

There are three types of Mate stats: Skill, Effect, and Expertise. Assigning multiple Mates with the same skill to a single ship increases the strength of that skill.

Skills are active skills that you can use during Naval and City Combat. There are Naval Combat Skills and Duel Skills, which can be used anytime during Combat. Sometimes, equipping a certain Gear strengthens a Skill or grants a new Skill.


Effects are Passive Skills. This include a Mate's inherent Character Effects and newly learned Effects. Effects are usually related to the Mate's Job.

Note that there are Natural Effects, which are usually Debuff Effects. However, your Mate can grow through LV Up and Promotion to learn and activate a variety of useful Effects. To learn Effects, you need means of Training, such as Manuals.


An Expertise is a main ability that is specialized for the Mate's Job. Consider it as a sort of Stat. There are two types of Expertise: Ship Expertise, which affects the ship that the Mate is assigned to, and Fleet Expertise, which affects the Fleet as a whole.

ArtilleryA high Artillery LV increases Artillery Attack, Accuracy, and Critical Chance, allowing you to deal greater damage to the enemy with Artillery, while taking less damage from the enemy's Artillery through increased Artillery Defense and Evasion.
RammingA high Ramming LV increases Ram Attack and Critical Chance, allowing you to deal greater damage to the enemy with Rams, while taking less damage from the enemy's Ram through increased Ram Defense.
SupportA high Support LV increases the amount and chance of maximized effects upon using Repair and Medicine, allowing greater recovery of the ship's Durability and Crew.
MeleeA high Melee LV increases Melee Attack, Accuracy, and Critical Chance, allowing you to deal greater damage to the enemy with Melee, while taking less damage from the enemy's Melee through increased Melee Defense and Evasion.
NatureA high Nature LV increases the chances of finding Discoveries while exploring.
AestheticsA high Aesthetics LV increases the rewards and Fame gained from reporting Discoveries to Collectors.
ScoutingA high Scouting LV increases your sailing speed and allows you to dock in cities from greater distances. Scouting can also help predict Disasters or reduce the chance of Disaster occurrences, and increases the chance of successfully escaping when there is an inspection at a city.
SupplyA high Supply LV decreases the amount of Food and Water that is consumed daily while at sea. There is also a higher chance of disasters such as Rat Outbreaks, Scurvy, Plagues, and Fires resolving themselves.
PurchasingA high Purchasing LV allows you to buy Trade Goods at lower prices. Also, a high Purchasing LV increases the Discount Rate received upon successful negotiations with the Market Owner.
SalesA high Sales LV allows you to sell Trade Goods at higher prices. Also, a high Sales LV increases the Surcharge Rate upon successful negotiations with the Market Owner.
NegotiationA high Negotiation LV increases the chances of price negotiations and the number of re-negotiations made with the Market Owner. Also, it increases the chance of successful Parleys when there is an inspection at a city.
TradeA high Trade LV increases the distance at which you can view Market Prices while at sea.


Every Mate has a Loyalty stat. Manage your Mate's Loyalty by sharing conversations and giving speeches. 

A conversation increases a single Mate's Loyalty every 4 hours.

A speech increases all Mates' Loyalty every 24 hours.

Loyalty decreases as you sail. To ensure that your Mates are not Slacking, you must regularly manage their Loyalty at the Inn. A Slacking Mate cannot be assigned to a Cabin.

Gear and Promotion

You can check the detailed ability of your Mates through [Menu] - [Mates].

You can equip your Mates with Gears, such as Weapons, Armors, Capes, and Accessories. There are a total of 6 Gear Slots. Gears usually affect Combat Stats, such as Artillery, Melee, and Duel. They can also affect Disguise in certain regions, and Expertise.

Basic Gears can be purchased from the [Item Shop] of cities. You can gain Gears from the [Black Market], or as Loot, Exploration rewards, and Quest rewards.

Apart from base Gear, Appearances can be equipped to Mates and Admirals which provide additional stats related to Adventure, Trade, and Combat EXP, as well as Disguises and more.

When a Mate reaches a certain LV, you can promote that Mate by spending Materials such as Contracts, Astrolabes, and Certificates of Appointment. A promotion grants a huge increase in Expertise, teaches new Effects, and increases the maximum number of Effects that can be applied.


There are Mates that can be Hired from the Inn, but there are also unique Mates who join the Fleet when an Admiral progresses through their Chronicles. Some of these Mates require special conditions to be met to join the Fleet. Depending on the Admiral, there are also Special Mates that join the Fleet after viewing the Chronicles' ending.

When another Admiral joins your Fleet, you can use him or her as the Admiral of your Flagship, or as a regular Mate.

Exchange Materials

You can exchange Promotion Tools, Appointment Certificates, and Manuals for promoting and training Mates from the Fortune Teller. 

Higher grade Promotion Tools, Appointment Certificates, and Manuals can be randomly obtained according to a set ratio.

Mate Training

Mates who have reached max promotion rank can earn training points up to 4 times through training.

Training points can be used on expertise such as combat, adventure, and trade, to freely upgrade them.

Promotion materials and training books are required for training, and it takes time to complete them.

Training books can be obtained from tasks, the palace contribution store, and the guild contribution store.

The remaining training points and points allocated to various expertise can be seen from the bottom part of the screen, and training points that have already been used can be reset by spending blue gems.