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Beginner Guide

How to Invest

Updated date : 2023-11-08 16:04(UTC +9)

  1. Investment
  2. Bureau
  3. Becoming a Mayor
  4. National Power
  5. Limited Area Effects


All player Companies can invest in a city through the city's Bureau to increase its Development LV.

A high Development LV grants you with many benefits when you are visiting the city. Some notable benefits include the Shipyard, Market, and Item Shop dealing higher-grade items, as well as the Inn letting you recruit more crew. In short, almost all interactions within the city benefit from high Development LV.

You can choose to invest in three different areas: Industry, Commerce, and Military. You can view how much your investment will increase the city's Development LV before you invest. The minimum investment amount is 50k Ducats.

Remote Investment

If a player who is a mayor selects Company Overview – Investment Progress – click the city where the player is the current mayor, the Manage City menu will pop up at the bottom right corner. A mayor can use this menu to make a Remote Investment in that city.

However, it is only available once from Monday to Saturday.


A Bureau exists in all cities. Bureaucrats reside in Bureaus, overseeing the investment of the city.

You can invest in the city here, and view the tax value applied to the city.

Sometimes the Union may give you a Trade Request to make a small investment to a specific city. This is one of the easiest requests you can perform.

Becoming a Mayor

Besides gaining more access in city facilities due to a high Development LV, if a Company invests more than a certain amount of Ducats every week, a Ranking Reward will be sent to their Inbox depending on their Investment Rank.

You can view the Investment Shares and Ranking by Nation and Company in the Bureau.

A player who invests the most in a city will become the Mayor of the week. If there's another player with the same investment amount, the one who invested earlier becomes the Mayor.

The Mayor can place a tax value on all goods traded in the city’s Market and on ships built in the Shipyard. Trade tax and build tax can only be changed 1 time per day for each city and nation.

National Power

Free Ports, Allied Ports, and Occupied Ports belong to the nation that has the highest Investment Score. Please note that some nations' Capitals and Territories do not change their allegiance. In addition, they only take investment from Companies that belong to their nations.

National Power is thus determined by the number of all cities that belong to the nation, along with Industry, Commerce, and Military Development LV of those cities. So, it's safe to say that a nation with multiple cities with high Development LV has significant National Power.


Note that investing more than or equal to 100k Ducats at once will affect the reputation of your Company.

For example, if you invest more than 100k Ducats to a city belonging to your home nation, the Company's reputation in the nation will grow. However, if the same Company invests more than 100k Ducats to a different nation's city, their reputation with that nation will decrease.

Limited Area Effects

The ports and waters of Uncharted Waters Origin belong to Limited Areas.

More information on Limited Areas and share statuses can be seen after selecting [Limited Area] in the legends of the World Map.

Limited Areas can be occupied by nations, and shares are calculated based on each nation’s Investment Point in the ports of the Limited Area.

Also, various Limited Area effects can be applied in the Limited Area depending on shares.

When a share exceeds 50% but is below 100%, the Limited Area is occupied and the following effects are applied in the Limited Area.

- Increase Sailing Speed by 1

- Additional Trade Goods of Occupied Limited Area

- Decrease Ship Build Time by 5%

- Increase Ship Capture Rate

If a Limited Area is 100% occupied, the Limited Area is monopolized and the following effects are applied in the Limited Area.

- Increase Sailing Speed by 2

- Additional Trade Goods of Occupied Limited Area

- Decrease Ship Build Time by 10%

- Increase Ship Capture Rate

- Strike Prevention

If a Limited Area with a nation’s capital is occupied or monopolized, only Additional Trade Goods of Occupied Limited Area and Increase Sailing Speed are applied.