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Updated date : 2023-03-03 16:44(UTC +9)

  1. About Chronicles
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About Chronicles

Chronicles are scenarios unique to each Admiral.

As the main scenarios of the game, they offer an opportunity to relive the background stories, personal relations, character progressions, and adventures of the world of Uncharted Waters and its inhabitants. You can enjoy the new stories that have been added to the game’s original script.

While progressing through Chronicles, you may encounter a wide range of events and gain new Mates to accompany you. In some Chronicles, you will need certain Mates to progress. On the other hand, some Mates can only be recruited after completing certain Chronicles.


When you first start the game, you can choose one of the five Admirals—João Franco, Catalina Erantzo, Ali Vezas, Otto Baynes, and Ernst Von Bohr—and play their respective Chronicles.

The Chronicles of the other Admirals will become available once you recruit them as you play the game.


※ More Admirals will be added in the future, so stay tuned!


At certain points in the Chronicles, you will have to spend Energy to continue.


Memoirs are extra content that act as a Story Pass for the game.

Once you purchase an Admiral’s Memoir, you can play the Admiral’s Chronicle without spending Energy and gain extra rewards exclusive to the Memoir when you reach certain Chronicle milestones.

Memoirs can be bought with Red Gems, and you can check the Completion Rewards before purchasing a Memoir.

Rewards from Chronicles and Memoirs are great ways to obtain Materials required for Promoting Admirals.


① Progress: Displays the progress of the current Chronicle.

② Base Reward: Shows the base reward for completing the Chronicle.

③ Memoir Reward: Shows the extra rewards available when you purchase the Memoir.

④ Purchase Memoir: Purchase the Memoir with Red Gems (you can play Chronicles without consuming Energy and receive Memoir-exclusive extra rewards).