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Crusade of Glory

Updated date : 2023-08-30 22:41(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Play
  3. Crusade of Glory Presets
  4. Crusade of Glory Progression
  5. Crusade of Glory Rewards


 What is Crusade of Glory?
- Crusade of Glory is a 
4 vs. 4 Team PVP Battle.
- A unique rating system exists for Crusade of Glory which is used to automatically create a match with players of similar ratings.
- Existing character's Gear, Skills, Relics and Zodiac Traits cannot be used in Crusade of Glory.
  A preset of Gear, Skills and Zodiac Traits can be set to be used exclusively for Crusade of Glory.

How to Play

 Joining Crusade of Glory
- Join by accessing the 
[Recruitment Board] in Act.2 Fortress Plaza.

Crusade of Glory Presets

 What are Presets?
Presets are used to prepare the Gear, Skills and Zodiac Traits that are used in Crusade of Glory.
- Once completed, the Presets can be selected and used upon entering Crusade of Glory. The details of Presets cannot be adjusted after entering.
Up to 3 Presets can be saved.

 Crusade of Glory Gear Selection
- Any gear in possession cannot be equipped when preparing a preset. Only the Content Exclusive Gear can be equipped.
Exclusive Gear does not have to be purchased and can be viewed and selected in Preset Settings.
- There are a Total of 13 gear which can be selected: Dagger/Sword/Axe/Blunt/Scepter/Wand/Staff/2-handed Sword/2-handed Axe/2-handed Blunt/Bow/Quiver/Shield.
  ● Please keep in mind that the gear stats may differ based on the 
Gear Prefix (Lethe/Glorious).
  ● There is a set list of available Skill Runes based on each gear.

 Crusade of Glory Skill Selection
- Any runes in possession cannot be equipped when preparing a preset. Only the Content Exclusive Runes can be equipped.
Exclusive Runes do not have to be purchase and can be viewed and selected in Preset Settings.
- Exclusive Skill Runes have their
Stats and Function adjusted from the regular skills. The Cooldown of certain skills are adjusted as well.
- Up to 5 skills can be equipped and used. The type of available skills are categorized into
[Main], [Normal], [Ultimate][Movement], [Support].
  ● Main Skills are composed of [Instant Trigger] Attack and Spell runes.
    : A Main Skill must be included in a preset. Only 1 can be equipped.
  ● Normal Skills are composed of runes with variety of features such as crowd control or status effects.
  ● Ultimate Skills are composed of powerful runes with [Long Cooldowns].
    : Only 1 Ultimate Skill can be equipped.
  ● Movement Skills are composed of [Movement][Offensive Movement] runes.
    : Up to 2 Movement Skills can be equipped.
  ● Support Skills are composed of [Totem][Attack Enhance][Defense Enhance][Shout][Seal] runes.
    : Up to 3 Support Skills can be equipped.
- Use [Link Rune Settings] to mark Favorite (
Link Runes to be used in the content.

 Crusade of Glory Zodiac Trait Selection
- The currently applied Zodiac Traits do not take effect in Crusade of Glory. Only the Content Exclusive Zodiac Traits from the preset are applied.
- The
[Main Trait] and [Sub Trait] can be selected when preparing a preset.
  ● The type of traits are separated into three categories of 
[Damage Dealer] traits, [Balanced] traits, [Utility] traits.
    : Two of the three trait types are selected to be equipped as the Main and the Sub Traits.
     A single type of trait cannot be equipped in both the Main and Sub Trait slots.
    : After equipping the traits, 3 effects are chosen from the Main Trait and 2 effects are chosen from the Sub Trait.
- The desired effect can be selected for the final 
[Other Trait] slot to complete the Zodiac Trait settings.

Crusade of Glory Progression

 Entering Crusade of Glory
- After completing the Preset Settings, press the 
[Enter] button to start matching for Crusade of Glory.
- Once the matching ends, players are randomly assigned to either the 
Blue Team or the Red Team and enter the Crusade of Glory Waiting Room with other teammates.
- The desired 
Preset must be selected to be used in the team battle before the battle begins. Check the presets of other teammates to adjust each member's preset strategically.
- Please be aware that if a
player does not take any action for a set period of time after entering, the player will be kicked out from the team battle.

 Crusade of Glory Waiting Room
- The Waiting Room that is first accessed is a non-combat zone. An NPC that sells
Link Runes is located here, along with a Waypoint that can be used to enter the Battleground.
  ● Players can select and move to the desired Battleground Waypoint from the Waiting Room Waypoint.
- Players can return to the Waiting Room by pressing the 
[0] Key or the [Portal] Button to use [Return].

 Crusade of Glory Battleground
- The battleground is divided into a Total of 5 Areas: East, West, South, North and Center.
- There is a Waypoint in each of the areas except for the Center to always provide players with
quick access to the desired locations (Enemy team's Waypoints cannot be used)
- Press the [Tab] Key or the [Map] to view the full map of Crusade of Glory. Specific Objects along with Ally PositionEnemy Position can be viewed from the map.

 Crusade of Glory Progression
- Each player’s character Level is set to 1 with a set amount of Battle Coins and Potions in possession, and the Ultimate Skill is deactivated at the start.

- Character level can be increased by earning [EXP] from defeating enemies or over time at specific time frames.
  ● A Skill Rune can be selected and leveled up 1 time for each character levels up. The Ultimate Skill can be activated at Level 3.
  ● Each Skill Rune has different Growth Limits and certain skills cannot be leveled up at all.

[Battle Coins] are an exclusive currency only used within Crusade of Glory. They are automatically earned at set time periods or through Battleground Activities.
 Approach Battle Coins scattered all across the Crusade of Glory map to pick them up.
 Defeat enemy team characters to earn a certain amount of Battle Coins.
 Open the Battle Coin Chest at the Center area to earn a lot of Battle Coins.

- Once collected, Battle Coins can be spent on [Purchasing Link Runes] from NPC Mystic Pauline inside the Crusade of Glory Waiting Room.
  ● Only the
Link Runes that can be equipped to the selected skill are displayed in the shop.
   Link Runes are automatically equipped upon purchase. Multiples of the identical Link Runes cannot be overlapped upon a single skill.

- The Remaining Time and the Blue/Red Team’s [Team Score] are displayed at the top of the screen.
  ● Victory Points can be earned by defeating enemy team characters or by opening the Victory Point Chest at the Center area.
  ● Compensation Points are applied to the losing and the winning teams based on the point difference.
Losing Team will gain more points while the Winning Team will gain less points.

- A [Danger Zone] is created at specific areas of the battleground at set time periods.
  ● Once the 
"Danger Zone has been activated." message is displayed, a Red Veil begins to spread from the center of a specific area.
  ● Coming in contact with the Red Veil continuously drains HP over time. The Veil is only maintained for a set period of time.
  ● The area with an active Danger Zone along with the Duration can be viewed by pressing the 
[Tab] Key or the [Map] Button.
  ● If time is running out in the battleground,
all areas expect for the Center are designated as Danger Zones.

 Crusade of Glory Objects
- There are
[Sanctums], [Battle Coin Chest] and [Victory Point Chest] placed throughout the battleground.
  ● A Sanctum is located in the 
North and the South Area each. They must be occupied before the enemy team as they grant beneficial effects for battle.
  ● The Battle Coin Chest and the Victory Point Chest are located at the
Center Area of the battleground. The chests require a set amount of time to be opened, which can be interrupted by the enemy team.
    : Massive amount of Battle Coins can be earned by opening the Battle Coin Chest.
    : Massive amount of Victory Points are granted to the team that opens the Victory Point Chest.

 Crusade of Glory Results
Crusade of Glory ends once a team reaches the target score first within the time limit, or when the regulation time runs out.
  ● The team that ends the battle by reaching the target score wins. But if time ran out, the team with the higher victory point wins.
  ● If a team chooses
[Team Battle Surrender], the opposing team wins.
- The
Results Screen pop-up is displayed at the end of Crusade of Glory to show all ally and enemy team info.
  ● Variety of information including Traits, Weapons and Skills used, Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Dealt, Battle Coins, Object Activations can be viewed from this window.
- The team who wins Crusade of Glory gain
[Rating], while the opposing team loses them.
  ● The
Rating Tier increases as the rating increases. Various rewards can be earned based on participation and tier.
Rating may decrease automatically if a player does not participate in Crusade of Glory for a set period of time.
  The first Crusade of Glory Season will be held as a Pre-season and Rating Tiers will not exist.

Crusade of Glory Rewards

 Crusade of Glory Rewards
[Daily][Weekly] and [Season Rewards] can be earned from Crusade of Glory.
  ● Daily Rewards are divided into 
Participation Reward (x5) and Victory Rewards (x3).
  ● Weekly Rewards are awarded based on the current tier at the time of the reward date and
only become active during a Team Battle Season
  ● Season Rewards are awarded based on the final tier achieved at the end of the season and
only become active during a Team Battle Season.
can be claimed at the end of a Team Battle Season and
only become active during a Team Battle Season(Inactive in Pre-season)
Weekly Rewards and Season Rewards are not awarded in Pre-season.
  Please make sure to claim the rewards in time as they cannot be claimed once the next season begins.